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Its been one day since the Don Tolman Basecamp for Health finished up and I am still buzzing from all the information. I feel incredibly empowered and have completely enjoyed being around like minded people, and making lifelong friends over the past 3 days. If you ever get the opportunity to go to one of Don's basecamps, I honestly couldn't recommend it enough. Whether you have a current health issue or are currently recovering from disease or if a loved one has a health issue or if you want to learn more about your body and how to look after it, Don Tolman's Basecamp is definitely the best thing you can do for YOU and for your loved ones. If the calling comes to you and the stars align, GO - enjoy the journey and feel blessed because you will change and all for the better.


For me, it was a little bit different than most who participate and see Don at his Basecamps. Many people who go are already in a state of crisis or caos and sadly for many, this is their last chance at survival because when the pharmaceutical industry cant make any money out of you, they turn there back on you and leave you to die at home - sometimes on your own. For me,  I have always been relatively healthy, and this is because I have been following Don for about 11 years, I follow his methodologies, I buy his products, I listen to his videos and I follow his advice and I haven't had any health issues in 11 years. I could eat better and drink less wine but for all the other things I do that is great for me, I am clearly still ahead of the game health wise than most.  From listening to Don over the years, reading his materials, he has saved me from believing that I need all the products from the "healthcare" system as we know it.  I haven't had flu shots, cervical cancer vaccines, mammograms or pap smears which is why I have kept my health in such great condition. Although I go and see Don when he tours Australia each year and I have taken so many friends and family to see him,  I never booked into his Basecamp utiil last year and now after completing the 3 day Basecamp, I can say it has completely changed my life. 


From the day my Beauty therapist teacher introduced me to Don's Farmacist Desk Reference (FDR) I learned of this Cowboy from the US who was speaking a truth that instantly resonated with me and connected with me. When you hear the truth, you feel it in your body and that is why I have been able to follow his methodologies with so much trust and complete faith over the years. But you have to hear it to know it.


I dont regret waiting the 11 years to go to the Basecamp, I feel incredibly fortunate that I didn't need to urgently go and see Don. I have introduced Don to so many people who have attended the Basecamp and I am so grateful that they were intrigued enough to go and see him. I am a big believer that when the student is ready, the teach will appear.


From here, I'd like to spread the teachings and knowledge with people who are interested or need to hear more. I am passionate about healthcare information being clearer to people and visibility of what is in products including the success rate of each product or treatment as I believe it is vital information people require to make informed decisions about their health and risks associated with products.  If brokers are legally required to tell you how much they receive from a sale, for example mortagages, insurance etc , I believe it is in the best interest of the people if we know how much Dr's earn from each treatment they recommend you take for the rest of your life because you have some "rare genetic disease". Why is that important? because then you start to open your eyes and ask the questions you should have been asking in the first place instead of trusting the system to have your best interest at heart.


Once you have the visibility and knowledge, this empowerment enables you to chose who you vote for when you spend your money. I have known about the industry for so long and I believed that I was living in a way that didn't vote for the industry however I have from time to time bought things that support the very industry I won't let interfere with my health. I wont take a vaccine or pill but have eaten chips that are GMO and eat Chinese that contains MSG without really being worried about any effects.  I have inadvertently been at war with myself and I will be making changes to ensure that I don't support the industry in anyway including checking shares that I own and my superannuation fund to ensure that none of my money is invested in a way that conflicts with my beliefs.

The healthcare revolution is here and I couldn't be happier to be a part of it especially in the age of Aquarius. 

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Don will be touring again in a month or so and I'll share the dates for the FREE information sessions.



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